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Wanda Bąk

"After 30 days of starting supplementation, we observed a significant reduction in unpleasant knee friction. Moreover, the patient also stopped complaining about knee pain. The above case encouraged me to further recommend Hyalutidin to patients undergoing rehabilitation. "

Łukasz Hawełka

" My 82-year-old father-in-law after a month's treatment forgot about pain and restored his mobility, so I can recommend this preparation with a clear conscience."

Jerzy Skarżyński

Osteoarthritis of the knee - symptoms and prophylaxis

Osteoarthritis of the knee, allso called gonarthrosis develops as a result of poor quality and quantity of articular cartilage. Premature wear and degeneration of articular tissues occurs (articular cartilage, subchondral bone, articular fluid, joint capsule, ligaments and muscles). Because the cartilage layer is not evenly distributed over the entire surface, the load on the joint structures changes and bone restructurring takes place. Bones (so called osteophytes), which irritate the adjacent tissues and cause inflammation, are formed. As a result, dysfunction of the synovial fluid , which moisturizes joint surfaces from the inside and reduces friction, occurs.


What is the degenerative knee disease characterized by?

  • Pain especially when climbing stairs, standing up from the chair, standing for a longer time
  • Pain in the joint area, redness of the skin and palpable joint temperature
  • Failure of the quadriceps muscle
  • Stiffness especially after being in one oosition for a long time and in the morning
  • Limitation of mobility
  • X-rays of the articular surfaces show multiple osteo-crystals, intra-articular free bodies, deformity of the knee joint, cartilage erosion


Prophylaxis includes primarily:

  • Maintaining proper body weight
  • Proper nutrition and dietary supplementation
  • Moderate but regular physical activity
  • No excessive strain on the joints
  • Avoiding unnecessary lifting of weights
  • Immediate removal of chronic infections from the body



Rehabilitation is the best way to relieve pain, improve comfort of functioning. In spite of pain, it is advisable to perform gentle exercises. The process of returning to shape can be accelerated by dietary supplements rich in chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. Due to the mechanical properties of this substance it is possible to absorb forces acting on the joints. As an effect, movement is facilitated. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of joint synovial fluid, systematic replenishment of this component can improve the comfort and health of joints. Chondroitin in combination with hyaluronic acid guarantees less joint pain, reduces friction in the joint by proper hydration. Simultaneous action of both ingredients guarantees supplementation of synovial fluid and reduction of inflammation.


A comprehensive rehabilitation approach to knee osteoarthritis determines the degree of recovery and progression of the disease. There are many ways of rehabilitation treatment:


  1. Nordic Walking - a correct way of walking and holding sticks significantly relieves joints and globally engages the muscles strengthening their structure.
  2. Exercises in the pool with warm water affect the relief of joints, reduce pain. Water additionally provides resistance which affects the increase in muscle strength.
  3. Isometric exercises of quadriceps, non-weight bearing excercises, non-weight bearing excercises with resistance
  4. Manual therapy - mobilization of the affected knee arthritis can faster and more effectively eliminate pain and thereby improve the function of the joint and prevent surgical intervention.
  5. Kinesiotaping - using a plaster/patching will relieve the damaged tissues, thereby reducing swelling, increasing blood flow and providing nutrients.
  6. Physiotherapy - magnetic field, laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy, cryotherapy.


Knee joints are exposed to many kilogramss of pressure every day, so untreated inflammation of the joints can lead to serious consequences in the future, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease will give you a chance to cure completely.


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