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Grzegorz Kuczera Grzegorz Kuczera

New life for the joints

The first time I heard about Hyalutidin was 2009 during my trip. During this time I was actively training and running.

Łukasz Hawełka Łukasz Hawełka

Knee joint pain during workout

In my professional practice, I mainly deal with orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.

Wanda Bąk Wanda Bąk

Degeneration of the hip joints

My hip joints are qualified for replacement, I have hip arthrosis and my knees swell up after a day of functioning.

Krystyna Kret Krystyna Kret

Degeneration of the knee joints

My health condition is advanced arthritis of the knee destined for surgery. I felt severe rheumatic pain and osteoarthritis.

Armand Surwiło Armand Surwiło

Injury of the shoulder joint

I had long-lasting shoulder pain. At my age (50) the intensity of training and competitions connected to the triathlon is does its job.

Jerzy Skarżyński Jerzy Skarżyński

Limitation of age-related movement, joint stiffness

The author of many books and publications devoted to running, the guru of Polish running.


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