Degeneration of the knee joints

Krystyna Kret


My health condition is advanced arthritis of the knee destined for surgery. I felt severe rheumatic pain and osteoarthritis. Strong cracking and crunching in the knee joints. I took Hyalutidin twice. For the first time, after a few days of taking the preparation, the knee swelled. I reported to the doctor, I was aware at that time that hyaluronic acid binds water molecules, which later changes to articular cartilage. Changes came within two months. They consisted of greater bending possibilities of the legs in knee joints and less intensity of rheumatic and degenerative pain. After these changes, I could start practicing and cycling, which was not possible before taking Hyalutidin. During the holiday period, I received further part of the treatment from my son. I combined taking the preparation with aerobic exercise, which I regularly attend. However, the pain caused by degeneration and rheumatic pain was still tangible. I'm waiting for the next holidays, I hope my son has noticed the changes and will take care of further continuation of this treatment. I am a pensioner for which the product is quite expensive but he helped me. On the other hand, I am aware that the illnesses which I have acquired as a result of my professional work as well as the passage of years will not disappear in a short time after a 30-day treatment.


Author: Krystyna Kret



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