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Grzegorz Kuczera


The first time I heard about Hyalutidin was 2009 during my trip. During this time I was actively training and running. I knew that excessive burden of the joints could lead to degenerative problems, but fortunately I did not suffer from such diseases. I was preventively taking tablets. My interlocutor told me about a doctor from Germany, who invented a way to effectively deliver ingredients that complement synovial fluid, provided me with arguments that convinced me that swallowing pills was just unnecessary burden for the body and throwing money away. I was fascinated by the way the German scientist combined the ingredients of this preparation into a complex that activates the body to produce synovial fluid. I understood that a new revolutionary way to replace painful intra-articular injections appeared. Christmas was coming, because I am a follower of practical gifts I decided to give Hyalutidin to my 70-year-old mother. From adolescence years, she had suffered from arthritis. When walking, she used a wooden cane, living on the third floor she was constantly talking about changing the apartment to a lower floor. Going up to the third floor once or twice a day posed serious problems. I don't exactly remember how she responded after taking Hyalutidin, but I think that I made another practical gift like that in April the following year for her birthday. After some time, my mother asked me why I did not say anything, but I admit I had no idea what she meant. Then she told me that I hadn't noticed the fact that she wasn't using a walking stick when walking anymore. I just commented that it was great she didn't need it. Mom did not back down and continued to taunt me with further questions. Her opinion indicated that she also didn't notice the need to use a walking stick, it was natural for her that when a man does not feel pain he immediately forgets there was even a problem. It was her colleagues that pointed it out. This story made us laugh. Then I realized that Hyalutidin was working and I wanted to help others. By the end of 2011, after 17 years of building a successful Slovakian company I decided to leave it. I believe in Hyalutidin. I saw how it helped my mom. That's why I sold shares in the previous company. I started all over again. I thought it was a great idea to help people in need, reduce their suffering and still work professionally. In early spring, we met Dr Niels Dusek, the inventor and manufacturer of Hyalutidin. We confirmed the mutual desire to distribute Hyalutidin HC Aktiv in Poland with a shake of the hand. Since then, my mother and I are active and systematic consumers of this wonderful product.




Author: Grzegorz Kuczera



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