"I can sleep peacefully all night and it has not been possible before. What is important, with Hyalutidin, there was no stomach discomfort, which is important in pharmacological treatment. The product is well worth the money. "

Wanda Bąk

"After 30 days of starting supplementation, we observed a significant reduction in unpleasant knee friction. Moreover, the patient also stopped complaining about knee pain. The above case encouraged me to further recommend Hyalutidin to patients undergoing rehabilitation. "

Łukasz Hawełka

" My 82-year-old father-in-law after a month's treatment forgot about pain and restored his mobility, so I can recommend this preparation with a clear conscience."

Jerzy Skarżyński

How does the Hyalutidin HC Aktiv joints preparation work?

The HCK complex contained in the Hyalutidin HC Aktiv product is a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, which introduces these components into the body simultaneously. After consumption, the HCK complex goes into the digestive system where it is discharged into the circulatory system. Next, it is transferred to all the joints.

Hyalutidin HC Aktiv supplementation

Jak działa Hyalutidin?

Hyaluronic acid has hygroscopic features - it binds water and therefore wets the surface of the articular cartilage, protecting it from drying out. Chondroitin sulfate is an essential component of the cartilage mass. These two basic components of the synovial fluid, via a synergistic interaction are more effective than when used alone. A meta-analysis published in 2010 clearly states that glucosamine, as well as chondroitin given alone or their combination do not reduce joint pain and have no effect on narrowing articular space.


The synovial fluid provides the cartilage with important nutrients and facilitates the joint movement by reducing friction. A 30-day cycle of receiving the preparation provides adequate supplementation and natural ingredients which constitute natural building blocks of the joints. The condition of the joints depends, inter alia on the degree of wear of the articular cartilage, the movement intensity of the joints, age, and in some individuals on varying weather conditions.





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