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History of Hyalutidin - Grzegorz Kuczera with mom

My mother did not dare depart with a cane. Once, I gave her Hyalutidin. I wanted it to be something practical. When we met some time later, she asked - Haven't you noticed anything? I am walking without a cane. Then I realized that Hyalutidin had worked and I wanted to help others. I believe in Hyalutidin. I saw how it helped my mom. That's why I sold shares in the previous company. I started all over again.

Hinges need oiling. Joints need Hyalutidin.

- GRZEGORZ KUCZERA, The distribution originator of the Hyalutidin HC Aktiv supplement in Poland.

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Hyalutidin dietary supplement - why it works?


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Łukasz Hawełka

Knee joint pain during workout

Łukasz Hawełka - physiotherapist

In my professional practice, I mainly deal with orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. I came across Hyalutidin more than 2 years ago when a patient with knee pain came to me for rehabilitation. The pain usually appeared during or after intensive exercise.

Armand Surwiło

I had long-lasting shoulder pain.

Armand Surwiło

I had long-lasting shoulder pain. At my age (50) the intensity of training and competitions connected to the triathlon (XTERRA) is does its job. After taking a 30-day dose of Hyalutodin HC Aktiv the pain ceased and the sick shoulder joint began to function again



Necessary knowledge for you and your joints!
A knowledge base on the subject of diseases associated with joints.

The joints of vertebral column The joints of vertebral column

The vertebral column is the central axis of the body, acting as a support. It is a kind of flexible and solid 'armor' to protect the delicate nerve structures from damage.

Hand and finger joints Hand and finger joints

You use them every day, every day they help you with each step. Built from small joints, bones and ligaments, together they form two helping hands without which it is hard to get around. Get to know their structure and functions and learn more about prevention. 

Elbow joint Elbow joint

The elbow joint (articulatio cubiti ) is a complex joint. It consists of three articulations which are anatomically joined  and enveloped by the common joint capsule. They include...



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